Mitch Wellman Brown

Support Engineer

Meet Mitch, one of our Support Engineers team members. Mitch is one of our on-site engineers, who assists our clients’ fixing issues with their IT and Telecoms infrastructure from their business premises. His hands-on approach not only ensures quick issue resolution but also contributes towards the long-term stability of networks. Mitch specialises in cat5, cat6 and fibre caballing for our clients and partners, ensuring our customers have seamless communication and fast internet connections. He has a dedication to keeping businesses connected, blending his blending his technical skills with practical problem solving, ensuring quick issue resolution and network stability.

He has qualifications in Draytek DCNA Router UK, Wireshark Analysis, Wireshark Analysis, Gamma Horizon certified and a Level 3 in IT infrastructure. His continued professional development withholds Sand’s principles of always striving to provide the best possible service for our clients.