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What is Sand Cloud Contact?

Sand Cloud Contact is an advanced cloud-based communications solution that is designed to revolutionise the way business interact with their customers. 

More About Us

As part of the broader Sand Cloud suite of products, Cloud Contact takes customer communication to a new level.

The platform empowers businesses like yours to streamline their operations, improve agent productivity and drive cost savings, all while delivering an exceptional customer experience. It has the ability to seamlessly integrate with other essential business systems and supports remote work. It’s a flexible, forward-looking solution that adapts to the evolving demands of a growing business.

The Contact Centre built with Businesses in mind.

Sand Cloud Contact is a versatile and powerful solution designed to transform the way your business engages with its customers. It focuses on enhancing customer service, offering multichannel communication options, scalability, efficiency, and insightful analytics.

Here’s what to expect from the platform

Omni-Channel Communications

Sand Cloud Contact unlocks the power of omni-channel communications, allowing your business to seamlessly connect with customers through multiple channels. Including, voice calls, email, webchat, and social media. Your customers choose their preferred way to engage, delivering convenience that keeps them coming back for more.

Real-Time Insights

With Sand Cloud Contact, you’re in the know, thanks to real time analytics. The platform gives you the ability to track your contact centres performance, including call volume, agent productivity and customer feedback. This enables you to optimise your operational efficiency. 

Call Recording

Ensuring consistent, high-quality customer service is important for businesses. With Sand Cloud Contact you can record calls and use monitoring tools in order to assist with training and adherence to compliance standards, ensuring that customer interactions meet the highest standards. This, in turn, fosters customer trust and satisfaction.

Smart Call Routing

Sand Cloud Contact’s intelligent call routing uses cutting-edge algorithms and customer data to guide incoming calls to the perfect agent or department, reducing wait times and boosting first-call resolutions.


Seamless CRM Integration

Our platform seamlessly melds with most customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Giving your agents instant access to customer data during interactions. This integration allows for personalised customer service, enabling your workforce to offer a tailored experience that fosters customer loyalty.


Advanced Queue Managements

With Sand Cloud Contact you can queue and manage your customer interactions withing the platform. Calls and emails can be prioritised into VIP queues to improve first contact resolution. We also understand that customers don’t want to wait on hold for a long time, this is why we offer a configuration that allows your customers to hold their place in the queue and automatically calls them back when their place is reached. 

Benefits of Sand Cloud Contact

Sure, it’s great to know what the platform offers, but lets now explore how that can benefit your business.


Increased Efficiency

With Sand Cloud Contact you get a remarkable improvement in operational efficiency within your contact centre. By automating routine and time-consuming tasks, your agents can focus their expertise to more demanding and intricate customer interactions.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Take your customer experience to the next level with Sand Cloud Contact. It offers a plethora of communication options and intelligent call routing. These features allow you to provide a personalised and tailored experience for each customer, resulting in heightened satisfaction and an increased level of brand loyalty.

Cost Effective Solution

Sand Cloud Contact offers a more cost-effective approach for your business. This is primarily due to its status as a cloud-based solution, which eliminates the need for expensive on-premise hardware. By Reducing these expenditures, your organisation can reallocate resources to more strategic initiatives and investments.

Dedicated Support Desk

At Sand, we eliminate the need for traditional customer support teams. When you encounter an issue, you will connect directly with our exclusion support team. Our support professionals are exceptionally skilled and have extensive knowledge of the Sand Cloud Contact Platform. We are firm believers in a personalised service approach.

Nationwide reach

A key advantage of selecting Sand for your Contact Centre solution is our extensive nationwide presence, achieved through the strategic deployment of our highly qualified engineers. This approach enables us to deliver timely on-site support, prompt assistance, and a seamless service to businesses across the nation.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out our customer reviews below and book in for a discovery call today.

Fantastic company with friendly staff! Paul came into my company office and took us through all aspects of the phone system, highlighting the benefits of using a modern phone system which in turn would make my company more efficient with our customers and business partners.

Dan installed the phone software with ease and happily took the team through how to use the phones in an informative and knowledgeable manner.

Highly recommend this company, a local business with passionate staff and great service!

Leilah Wright, Veterans Into Logistics, Greater Manchester

Sand Communications Ltd is one of our principle sub-contractors that install Gamma Horizon, Wifi and cabling products. They are professional, pro-active and resolve any issues fast and efficiently. The feedback received from our customer base is that Sand provide an excellent service that is both professional and supportive. The engineers also provide our customers with excellent technical advice and training for the solutions being provided.

Sand have proved to be a reliable, dependable and trusted partner, that provide the very best of services.

Steve Wilkes, Daisy

I use Sand communication for my chiropractic business. They take care of our telephone lines, VOIP handsets and manage our internet and Wifi for us. Considering we are a small business I’ve been really impressed with the rapid response to any technical queries we’ve had. So much less hassle than using any of the big telecom providers and a personal service as well.

Russell Purchon, Hexham Family Chiropractic Clinic, Hexham

Cannot recommend Sand communications enough! Not just an amazing product but backed up by real people that care and actually respond to any questions and customer care within hours! Thank you Ali & Dan for all your help to bring my business into the 21st century. Fully connected, hassle free and seamless!

Rob, Quite Simply French, Lancaster

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can contact centres improve service?

Contact centres offer customers various communication channels to connect with your team. Offering your customers, the choice to use the channel they are most at ease with is a surefire method to enhance the customer experience, ultimately boosting overall satisfaction with your brand. Internally, your staff can efficiently oversee a customer’s entire interaction journey through a single system, utilizing this technology to enhance their understanding of the individual’s path. This, in turn, leads to a more informed and effective communication approach at every stage of the customer journey.

How quickly can it be set up?

Deployment can be rapid, with all configurations being done via the management interface.

What is contact centre technology?

Contact centre technology streamlines and automates the customary procedures occurring within, to, and from a customer service department. The appropriate software, or a suite of software solutions, equips your team with digital tools to track customer interactions, enhance service quality, enforce compliance requirements, and manage service delivery expenses.

Can I Record Calls?

Yes. With Sand Cloud contact, you can choose if you want to record inbound, outbound, or internal calls for training and monitoring purposes.