Ways to minimise network downtime for your business

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Everyone hates downtime.

Well, most people hate downtime.

It’s incredibly frustrating when you’re in the middle of a piece of work or an important sales transaction, and then bang, your IT system stops working, and everything freezes.

We get it.

Downtime costs businesses money, opportunities, reputation, and more.

And unfortunately, business losses due to downtime continues to rise year on year, making IT support for business essential.

There are many moving parts in a business’s network and sometimes factors beyond your control (let’s not mention cyber threats and attacks…just yet).

With the right IT support in place, you can get back up quicker when downtime occurs, and in this post, we explore some of the critical elements to minimising the risk of downtime for your business operations.

Preventing Downtime

To help minimise downtime, start by carrying out an internal and external analysis and proactively monitor networks. This allows you to check the setup of your network and any failures within the system, allowing you to strengthen the weak points.

This analysis can help you to isolate problems before they escalate while also allowing you to identify the need to replace old or outdated cables or routers, the need to update firmware, schedule the change from wired to wireless networks, check and maintain internet gateways, cloud services, network services, and more.

Look to monitor your business’s infrastructure in real time (note: numerous monitoring tools are available to help you with this), manage monitoring metrics, and use these to identify recurring issues to help you get to the root cause.

Our advice is not to wait until there is a problem before fully auditing your network. Being proactive puts you on the front foot and allows you to respond quicker.

Use Quality Equipment

Reducing network downtime can be achieved by ensuring the equipment you use is up-to-date and suitable.

For example, investing in quality routers and a professional IT support service can mean maintaining a faster network, which can increase productivity.

Quality equipment also allows you to provide a rapid response to troubleshooting issues, finding the root cause, implementing solutions, and resolving problems quickly.

This is where having experienced IT teams can help. With clear report planning in place and offering out-of-hours service being key to minimising downtime.

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Have a spare network connection

Having a spare network connection means it is there anytime you need it, allowing you to make a change quickly when there’s a problem. Minimising downtime as we understand how essential it can be when you and your team require a continuous connection.

Having this spare available also means that if your internet provider experiences a fault, you can make the switch quickly and keep your infrastructure up and running while the problem is resolved behind the scenes.

Have a backup power connection

Unfortunately, power cuts do happen; when they do, you must be prepared. To avoid the problem of frequent power outages, look to have a backup power connection, an uninterruptible power supply, and often a backup of battery power that prevents data loss, saves vital work and information, and keeps sales coming through.

This area should also link to your disaster recovery plan to prevent downtime, ensuring that all your data, systems, and information are backed up should you fall victim to cyber-attacks, natural disaster strikes, or human error.

Look to back up all critical data and systems, automate backups, and create alerts.

Carry out regular maintenance and updates

Outdated hardware and software can cause numerous problems, affecting the network’s security and speed.

You must keep all systems and operating applications up to date and ensure all security patches and updates are carried out when required.

A maintenance schedule, including software updates, can be a lifesaver in this area.

Make the switch to a cloud-based network solution

Make now the time to move away from traditional wired networks to a cloud-based wireless solution. This move will help you avoid hardware and cabling faults as well as server problems.

You will also reap the benefits of having remote network management, an incredibly high level of security, the ability to apply protocols and security to personal devices, and the option to work anywhere.

If you want to reduce network downtime, we recommend a robust, remote, cloud-based solution.

IT Support Company

It’s vital that you protect your network to minimise downtime. This means proactively identifying and isolating specific issues before they become a bigger problem.

Every minute of downtime holds value to you; that’s why we work hard to minimise downtime by providing troubleshooting solutions that work.

We understand that your infrastructure needs to keep up with the demands of your business, so you need a scalable solution that offers seamless growth.

For a reliable IT partner who offers quick response times, allowing you to focus on your core business activities, speak to a team member today on 01423 222 3330 or email [email protected].