Reasons to outsource IT support

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From help desk options, overspill services, first-line support, and more, outsourcing your IT support is as flexible and customised as you require.
Designed to meet specific business requirements, many businesses now opt to outsource specific elements or all of their IT functions to save time, money, and resources.
However, we understand outsourcing one of the most important departments in your business is a big decision – you need to trust that your business data is in safe hands.
That’s why, at Sand Communications, all of our IT packages are flexible and tailored to your business. Ensuring that the IT solution we provide is the right one for you.
This post looks at why outsourcing could be the perfect choice for your business and the benefits you can capitalise on as a result.

Why outsource IT?

It’s essential that you ensure your IT systems and networks are all performing effectively and supporting your business 24/7.
But we know this is easier said than done.
It’s incredibly time-consuming and often requires specialist skills and expertise, which are often hard to find.
That’s why, today, outsourcing IT is seen as a cost-effective and efficient way to keep your business running smoothly and, most importantly, securely.

Benefits of outsourcing IT support

Reduce Costs

IT maintenance and new technologies are expensive. However, with the right IT support services, you only pay for what you need. For example, customising your outsourced requirements depending on the needs of your business ensures you only pay for exactly what you use. So you can achieve ongoing maintenance and IT support services without hiring a big team and the costs associated with this (recruitment, training, salary increases, benefits, etc.)
With options such as pay-as-you-go or monthly payments for ongoing IT maintenance and support, there is flexibility to suit all budgets.

More Proactive

With round-the-clock support and systems continually monitored, you can now prevent issues before they negatively impact your business. Keeping downtime to a minimum and stopping panic from arising when a problem does occur.
This approach also provides you with more opportunities to scale, providing flexible IT infrastructures where additional resources can be quickly and effectively deployed – this can be especially beneficial for remote working and increasing cybersecurity.

Increased support for in-house teams

It’s not always feasible as a small business to keep adding to your in-house team because you require a particular area of expertise for specific projects this is one of the major benefits of working with managed service providers.
Working alongside and as part of your in-house teams, they can provide you with expertise and knowledge that you can tap into as and when you need. Allowing you to leverage skills rather than feel limited to in-house.
In addition, outsourcing can also provide a vital skills boost to your in-house teams, especially if you’re facing an uphill struggle to recruit in-house.
You also don’t need to worry about staff absences or staff turnover, as your outsourced managed services continue to provide the level of cover you require and can be scaled flexibly with your business, depending on demands.

Focus on other areas

With the right business IT support, you and your teams can focus on other business areas.
Helping to support more business objectives without distraction – optimising processes and driving operational efficiency.
This, in turn, helps to increase productivity as teams become more agile and proactive, able to get on with their day job, knowing that IT services are in good hands.

Access to the latest technology

As we mentioned at the beginning, technology is expensive; however, it’s also not something as a business you can afford to fall behind in.
The good news is that outsourcing IT support means you have access to all the latest technology and software as professionals stay on top of industry trends, latest software updates and more, helping to improve data quality and support better decision-making.
The teams can also advise which solution would work best with your business model and support your business going forward, keeping you ahead of your competition.

Feed into planning

When asked, “Why outsource IT?” one of the main reasons we provide is the benefit we can add to future planning and strategies. Due to our expert knowledge and expertise in the area of IT, we can help feed into growth plans, demonstrate clearly how to enhance cybersecurity, develop communications, support project management across the business, and so much more.
You might also be interested in our latest post on “tips for creating an IT budget,” which looks at what is needed and why IT is so important for future planning.

Keeps you compliant

Numerous industry regulations and privacy laws affect your IT systems and the data you gather and store. You can avoid those hefty fines and damage to your business reputation by working with IT professionals who have in-depth knowledge and experience in this area.
Building on compliance, you will also have access to a more robust disaster recovery plan, vital in case of emergencies to keep your business up and running.

IT Support Outsource

Supporting you across a range of areas such as:
  • Helpdesk support
  • Network and server management
  • Software installation and maintenance
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cloud services
  • And more.
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