Reasons for an IT technician site visit

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Time is always the one thing we wish we had more of in business. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to complete every task or every job and then more. So, when the time arises for an IT technician to carry out a site visit, the first question that may come to mind is, “Do we need a visit?” and “How is this going to benefit the business?”

The answer?

Yes, you do need a site visit, and it will benefit your business in several ways.

For example, not only will it help systems run smoothly and continuously, but your IT remains effective by maintaining your IT infrastructure using robust strategies and onsite IT support and service.

However, do you know why your IT technician is coming? What are they looking for? The questions they will ask or even how long the visit will last?

Trust us: when you know what to expect from a visit, the entire process can go a lot smoother.

IT Site Visit Reasons

To carry out an initial site survey

The site survey is often the very first visit an IT technician will make to your business to assess your current IT infrastructure and, in some instances, help to form the basis of the service level agreement (SLA).

This visit will include an assessment of equipment, systems, and setup. The technician will assess IT workstations, your server room, and network equipment and conduct a full analysis of all the applications used daily.

They may also carry out some form of inventory on the number and type of devices your business uses as well as locations and access points, analysing services and racks in addition.


Because the onsite IT support role is to learn about your business, your current setup, and your future/potential IT needs to develop proposals and understand your unique needs and requirements further.

Considering what hardware and software is in use, how old the tech is, the condition this is in, how your network is configured, if there is any special programming or specialist equipment to be aware of, etc.

This initial site visit helps to plan appropriate strategies and IT solutions to support the business in the future. It helps to spot inefficiencies in the system and look to improve these, increasing productivity and offering better security to the business.

Maintenance Visits

Maintenance visits are more routine and should form part of your IT admin, where reviews of all equipment and systems, including checking firewalls, system performance, and current levels of security, are all checked and monitored regularly.

All areas included in your maintenance review should be updated where appropriate with the most up-to-date patches installed. This helps you avoid any security vulnerabilities and exploitation from cybercriminals.

Keeping your business protected and continuing to function, you can have peace of mind that productivity will remain high as systems are running at optimal performance levels.

These IT visits are often booked at the most convenient time for you and your teams.

Break-Fix Visit

If you experience a problem with a piece of equipment or a system failure that cannot be fixed remotely, a site visit may be required.

The break-fix visit requires your helpdesk/IT department and your IT technician to work together to implement the right fix in the most efficient way.

Once these helpdesk tickets are raised, your online IT support is responsible for resolving them.

These visits often help put your teams at ease and provide high expertise and support.

IT Training

If you have changed your IT or integrated new software or systems, investing in handover training with your IT technician and onsite IT team may be wise.

Showing and training employees on how to use the new technology, these training sessions can be a fantastic opportunity to ask questions, test whether the systems are working correctly, and ensure a smooth handover.

This visit can help to make everyone feel more relaxed, maintain productivity, and address any issues in real-time.

This IT support and service visit can also culminate in the production of detailed reports as issues are analysed, concerns are reported, the impact is detailed, and success is outlined.

Project Visit

Project visits are unique to your business and the IT projects you have running and typically only occur when and as you need them.

These visits should be scheduled throughout the course of the project.

Importance of IT visits

Ideally, you need someone from your IT department to walk through your IT infrastructure with your IT technician, where key stakeholders could also be present to explain how they use systems and software, identifying what works well and what they would like the technology to do differently.

IT visits help implement proactive IT practices; however, communication is essential to get the most out of these visits. This means you must talk to your IT provider about any concerns, goals, and future plans to allow them to feed into strategies, providing valuable insight and resolving any queries. Booking an IT visit is not something you should do without fully understanding the reason behind the visit in the first place. Understanding the type of visit and the reason behind the IT technician visit allows you to get the most out of it and reap the benefits it can offer.

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