Endpoint Maintenance Service

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At Sand Communications, we understand that your devices are an essential tool to your business operations. This is why we offer our End Point Health Check service. Just like a car, regular maintenance can greatly enhance its performance and longevity. Our service is designed to do the same thing to your devices, we provide a comprehensive evaluation and enhancement of your device’s software and hardware components.
Here’s what is included:

👨🏻‍💻 Software Evaluation:

We’ll start by conducting a thorough evaluation of your installed software. Our expert team will identify and remove unnecessary applications, commonly referred to as bloatware. This process ensures that your device’s resources are focused on the software you actually use, leading to improved speed and responsiveness.

📁 Disk Space Check and OneDrive Backup:

Our technicians will assess the current state of your disk space. If your PC’s storage is running low, we can back up your files to Microsoft OneDrive This cloud-based solution not only frees up valuable local storage but also allows you to access your files from anywhere with an internet connection.

📈 Updating Drivers and Microsoft:

Keeping your drivers and Microsoft software up to date is crucial not just for performance but also for security purposes. Our service includes a comprehensive check for outdated drivers and Microsoft updates. We’ll ensure that you are running on the latest version, enhancing stability, and protecting your system from vulnerabilities.

💭 Memory Check:

Memory (RAM) plays a vital role in your devices multitasking capabilities. During the service we will examine your memory configuration. If your system has less than 8GB of RAM, we’ll discuss the benefits of upgrading. Increasing your memory can lead to smoother multitasking, faster application loading times and an overall improvement in performance.

💪🏼 Physical Service:

Our hands-on approach involves several physical tasks to optimise your device’s performance. This includes reapplying thermal paste to your CPU, helping to dissipate heat more effectively. We will also perform air dusting to remove the accumulated dust from internal components, ensuring efficient airflow and preventing overheating. Finally, we will carefully reseat the motherboard, enhancing connections and minimising potential hardware-related issues.

Our End Point Health Check aims to provide a comprehensive solution to enhance performance, streamline the software environment, and prolong the lifespan of your devices. This is better for the environment by reducing electronic waste and also better for your budget as it is significantly cheaper than having to replace devices. By addressing both software and hardware aspects, we can ensure your devices remain a reliable and efficient tool for your daily business operations.

To schedule a service or learn more, please contact our expert team of IT professionals.

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