Common Misconceptions About IT Support

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when someone asks you about IT support?

Is it, you do not know what IT support teams do? You never really see anyone? You think they fix things to do with your computer?

We understand.

There are a lot of misconceptions about what IT support is, what it can offer, the benefits that businesses can take advantage of, and more.

IT support plays a big part in every business’s everyday functions. Think about it: from sending emails, organising Zoom meetings, working on a document, and accessing documents and information from the network, how your IT functions and operates is vital to ensuring you and your teams can carry out their daily jobs.

At, we provide various IT support solutions, tailoring our services to meet the needs and demands of individual businesses.

Throughout this post, we look at some of the IT myths we have encountered and how IT support really adds value to your business.

IT Support Misconceptions

IT support is not a priority for the business

Not only does this statement shock us to the core, but we also understand that it is a complete myth because there is always a piece of IT infrastructure that will require installing, upgrading, configuring, or securing. These things do not just happen. They need to be planned and scheduled, and then you and your teams use them daily.

Your IT infrastructure should be a big priority for your business and always at the top of the agenda. Allowing you to keep sending and receiving emails successfully, setting new employees up with their email login details, setting their online permissions, etc.

Then comes the even bigger area of protecting your IT infrastructure and ensuring your information and data are kept safe from cybercriminals. This means keeping software updated, maintaining and monitoring hardware, and managing all workstations, laptops, mobile phones, and other smart devices. Security and compliance are huge and a legal requirement – and IT support in this area allows you to have confidence and peace of mind that everything is taken care of, working as it should be, and updated to protect the security of your business – a top priority.

Technology still fails even with IT support

We are good, but we are not always miracle workers…. We cannot prevent everything, but we can limit the risk and potential spread of the problem.

As well as responding to problems as they arrive and implementing solutions immediately to resolve the issue, professional IT support companies will also take a proactive approach to the IT support service they provide.

This can include continuous monitoring, stopping cyber-attacks and threats in their tracks, and maintaining software so upgrades are carried out regularly, and backups are taken in case of emergency.

Remote support is not as good as in-person

This is one of the biggest IT misconceptions we hear, mainly because people feel more comfortable when someone is physically in the place of work, seemingly deploying a fix.

However, most fixes and solutions can be carried out just as effectively remotely, and you need to trust your team to do this.

In addition, outsourcing is more affordable and less time-consuming as you no longer must wait for an IT technician to arrive or pay for their travel time, parking, etc.

Configuring, repairing, and supporting you, all without stepping into the office, remote means deploying solutions ASAP. However, most IT support providers offer remote and in-house services depending on your location and requirements.

It is cheaper to fix the problems as it happens rather than working with an IT-managed service provider

This pay-as-you-go system might feel like it is cheaper, but when you soon start to add up all your callouts, take into account the cost of downtime, new system upgrade requirements, etc., it really is an expensive route to go down.

Working with a managed service provider on a rolling monthly contract allows you to know exactly how much you are paying each month (great for planning and budgets), and you know what services are provided for this fee. Services include regular monitoring, maintenance, and fixing if something goes wrong.

Outsourcing is expensive and only for big businesses

We love exploring this IT myth because outsourcing soon becomes the more cost-effective option when you break down the cost of recruitment, hiring, training, salaries, benefits, etc.

With a fixed, agreed-upon monthly fee, all businesses can reap the benefits of outsourced IT support.

You lose control

By outsourcing your IT support, you are still completely in charge; you can decide what elements of your IT you want to outsource, with your IT team working hand in hand with your internal teams, providing you with a “fill the gap” solution that works.

We also understand that you are putting your trust into a third party; however, by doing your research and finding an IT support company who have experience, expertise, and can prove their professionalism, you can have confidence that their processes and procedures are there to protect you and keep you compliant.

The key is having open and clear lines of communication and good SLAs in place!

IT Support Misconceptions

IT support teams are here to provide complete satisfaction every step of the way, offering excellent communication, regular updates, training, and 24/7 support.

If you want to be more efficient and productive, outsourcing your IT support can be a step in the right direction.

Experienced and professional, as an MSP, we understand how essential a reliable IT support team that you can trust can be.

That is why we pride ourselves in tailoring our IT solutions to the needs of your business, making us cost-effective and wholly suitable.

To learn more, call 01423 222 333 today or email your business requirements to [email protected], and a member of our team will be in touch.