Common IT Problems for Businesses

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IT problems come in all forms, and unfortunately, they can happen at any time. They affect how you operate, presenting unbudgeted costs, disrupting productivity, adding to customer frustration, and they have the potential to damage your reputation due to severe data breaches: trust us, IT problems are just that, a BIG problem.

To stand the test of time and to keep your business up and running and productivity unaffected, your IT team or IT technician must be able to handle these issues as soon as they arise, managing the impact they have on the business and implementing the most effective solution. (Check out some of our IT solutions by visiting our IT services page.)

IT support and service

If IT problems and issues are not picked up and dealt with, as a business, you can experience:

  • A drop in productivity
  • Dip in work quality
  • Negative effect on profits
  • Additional stress placed on internal departments
  • Larger risk of security breaches
  • Increased vulnerability to cyber-attacks.

Common IT problems for business

Outdated equipment and software

Technology changes fast. Whether new hardware or software programmes, something new is constantly hitting the market, outdating your hardware and software very quickly. This can make integrating new software with old hardware more challenging.

Maintaining equipment and carrying out regular updates will help to keep your business running smoothly, provide you with heightened security, and maximise performance. Make sure to keep records and documentation, remove any suspicious programmes, and upgrade hardware where appropriate.

Lack of cyber security

Cyberattacks are only growing in sophistication, and businesses must be protected to avoid risking their confidential information and data falling into the wrong hands. However, limited knowledge of phishing attacks, weak passwords, and accessing systems remotely through an open connection make this area a common IT problem for many businesses.

To limit this risk, look to provide suitable training to employees on what a cyber-attack looks like and some of the signs to be aware of, restrict access to confidential data, i.e., not all employees need access to all information. Schedule regular password changes and encourage authentication steps.

Use advanced firewalls, constantly monitor threats by implementing the right software, and use data encryption and protection.

Data Loss

Data loss costs businesses thousands, especially if this information is then leaked, leading to a significant risk to reputation.

Data loss can happen because of human error, and as we know, everyone makes mistakes, internet outages, tech failures, and phishing attacks.

To provide you with a safety net and peace of mind that if disaster strikes as well as ensuring your data and business property are in safe hands, you need to have a disaster recovery plan in place. A recovery plan that involves backup services, cloud backups, external storage, etc. Your employees need to know what to do in an emergency.

Cables everywhere….

Disorganised cables are a big problem in businesses and a big bugbear when you look behind a piece of equipment or area and see a lot of wires in the most unorganised state.

Losing or unplugged cables leads to several issues, making fixing even the smallest of problems difficult.

With a cable management system, you can identify the right cable ASAP, know where it is to be placed, and which piece of equipment it belongs to.

Unreliable internet connectivity

How often have you been frustrated because your internet connection has simply dropped off, and work is no longer saved or backed up?

We get it.

Weak internet connectivity and limited bandwidth speed disrupt workflow, leading to data loss, less productivity, and all-around general disruption.

Your on-site IT support must identify the root cause of the problem, i.e., is it the router? Are you suffering restrictions from your hardware? Are there network congestion issues?

Data storage is unclear

Ask yourself, “How are files saved, and how easy can you access them?”

Data storage must be well mapped out to increase productivity as things can be found faster. Without structure, you can lose documents; items can be accidentally deleted and not.

Recovered, outdated files are allowed to take up additional storage, etc.

File-sharing systems can be a helpful solution in these instances.

Lack expertise

For some IT business issues, your IT department may not be fully equipped or experienced to provide the best solution. This can put everyone under pressure and negatively impact workforce productivity.

Working with external providers allows you to utilise their expertise in the area, expertise which can also be used to train internal teams and upskill department heads. Managed service providers can help support you with email monitoring, web hosting, data storage, server management, and network maintenance.

No mobile device plan

With the increase in employees working remotely, security and the management of this has become a huge challenge.

Businesses must have a plan to reduce any IT issues this can cause, such as operating password protection devices, encrypting data, installing appropriate security apps, implementing robust reporting procedures for lost and stolen devices, etc.

Managed Services

It is vital that businesses identify and solve IT problems before they can negatively affect your business.

Hiring and working with managed service providers can provide you with the expertise your business needs and the sounding board to help support your internal departments.

At Sand Communications, we help businesses protect themselves from the most common IT business problems, implementing the most appropriate solutions.

We understand that not all businesses are the same, and we know that IT requirements vary from company to company.

That is why we tailor our IT services to you.

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