Choosing the best business internet service provider

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Whether you are just starting out in business and looking for your first internet provider or are an established business looking to grow, and you need your internet and data capacity to grow with you – the good news is you have a range of options.

IT support and service come in all shapes and forms.

In fact, there is a lot of competition in the market, and finding those providers who offer you real value can be fraught with challenges.

In this post, we look at some of the areas you must consider when choosing the right business internet service provider for you.

How to choose an Internet service provider

Start with a list

Lists are crucial. They help identify what is important and needed and what would be your “nice to haves.”

For example, think about your speed requirements. How many users do you have? The weight of the data you will be uploading, downloading, and more.

In addition, do you have offices in one location or several? Do workers operate from the site or work remotely? This is vital information for your internet service provider to know so they can build and tailor the right package to you.

As a business, you will have more data demands and speed requirements than a typical residential household, so it is essential that you find either online IT support or onsite IT support that can meet your growing demands.

Find out what type of internet connections are available

There are various connections a business can choose from, and not all of them will be

suitable for your business or even available in your area.

These connections consist of:

Fibre – this is one of the fastest options, but the costs are higher, and the availability of this type of connection is often limited. However, Fibre is a great option for a business looking to scale.

Cable – in this instance, the connection is delivered over coaxial cables and TV lines, offering good speed quality, and this type of connection has better availability than Fibre. However, it is important to note that the bandwidth for this type of connection is shared, so if there are many subscribers all connecting simultaneously, you may experience slower speeds.

DSL – an upgrade to dial-up internet, digital subscriber line connections are delivered over a dedicated telephone line to provide a stable and consistent online experience. DSL is available almost everywhere and is particularly useful for small rural businesses.

Satellite – available anywhere, satellite connections are great for rural businesses and even, in some instances, remote workers. However, satellite connections can be a lot less reliable and much slower than fibre and cable counterparts.

Check bundle offers

Some business internet service providers can offer you bundle services, for example, your phone and internet combined, for a reduced tariff. It is always worth asking what other additional communication infrastructure is available and assessing if this would be a suitable option for you.

Security requirements

Businesses must be proactive when it comes to securing their online presence, data, and sensitive information. Cyber-attacks grow in volume and sophistication every day, and unfortunately, any business can be at risk of an attack.

You need to be confident that the service provider you choose can keep your network safe 24/7 and respond quickly if a threat is detected. What are their firewall, antimalware, and

spam filtering policies, and what is their experience/knowledge in this area?

Check out the company

When considering how to choose the best internet service provider, make sure to check their reliability. What is their reputation for providing a stable connection and good customer service?

Are their team on hand to help if there is an issue? What type of support do they provide, onsite only, online, both?

Do they offer static IP addresses providing you with critical security and stability of your host services, VPNs, and remote workers?

Is the service provided flexible enough that it can scale with your business?

It is important to ask these questions and find as much information as possible to help you make the most informed decision.

Customer service

How do you contact the team looking after your internet package? Do you have a dedicated account manager? Is someone on site, or are remote and online chat the only options?

What happens if repairs are required? How do they handle service interruptions and accessibility to their support staff?

Can you request an SLA as part of your contract?


What is your budget, and what is included in their pricing packages? Always read the terms and conditions carefully and look out for hidden costs and charges.

IT support and service

Businesses, no matter size, office space, number of remote workers, etc., all require a stable and reliable internet service – a service that keeps you connected to clients, suppliers, and colleagues.

To find the most suitable provider for you, make sure to do your research, review your business priorities and future goals, identify what is critical to running your business, check what is available in your local area, and call….

Sand Communications.

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you need it.

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