Advantages of data backup and recovery

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We have all been there.

The frustration when you have been working on a document and then suddenly, without warning…gone.

The document and the hours of work you have put into it vanished due to IT technical problems or an accident on your part.

We get it.

The sheer panic and frustration that this situation can cause is indeed very real.

The good news is we are here to help.

Our IT support company page highlights useful information and handy data backup and recovery tips.

And, in this post, we look at how, with the right data backup and recovery solution, all may not be lost, and you can be back up and running in no time.

What is data backup and recovery?

Ultimately, data backup is a process of copying all business information and data (application and product data, customer files, employee and supplier records, research data, etc.) in case the original is lost or, worse …becomes corrupted.

(We would always advise backups to be stored in separate locations to ensure that they, too, do not become lost, stolen, or corrupted.)

Following data backup comes data recovery, which involves taking these copies and restoring data to the original server.

How frequently you carry out data backups is entirely based on your business and the volume of data and sensitive information you hold. This can be carried out monthly, weekly, or even daily to meet the needs of the business.

Some of the most common backup storage formats include:

  • Network-attached storage – storage is connected to your network.
  • External hard drives – the device is plugged into your computer, and a backup is created. However, it is important to note that with this solution, you still run the risk of loss and theft.
  • Tape drive – a helpful solution if you require large data storage, as backups are created on large tape reels.
  • Cloud-based backup – a network of remote servers you can access via the internet. A popular option due to its flexibility, increased security, and scalability.

Reasons for data backup and recovery

Since the increase in hybrid working and WFH (or anywhere) has increased, so too has the problem of data loss.

Unfortunately, everyone is susceptible to data threats, and it is vital that you ensure your business is protected by creating backups to safeguard it.

Data backup and recovery reasons are made because data loss can be caused by several reasons, such as:

  • System/hardware failure
  • Human error
  • Rogue employees
  • Theft
  • Cyber-attacks, i.e., malware and ransomware
  • Natural disasters

Data backup and recovery importance

Losing data can have devastating consequences for your business. Impacting negatively on productivity, ability to generate revenue, and reputational damage could be catastrophic.

This means having the right and good data backup and recovery in place is essential, it is also required to meet compliance regulations!

It should also be a top priority for everyone in the business. Everyone has a responsibility to protect consumer data.

Advantages of data backup and recovery

Some of the key reasons for data backup and recovery include:

Protection against ongoing cyber threats – if you fall victim to malware or ransomware, you can have confidence that your backups are clean copies and can be restored in no time, reversing the damage from the attack.

Minimise downtime – now you no longer have to redo all your hard work; with fast recovery, documents and data can be restored effectively and efficiently, keeping your business running smoothly.

Save money – downtime, ransomware, and risk to reputation all cost businesses money. In addition to non-compliance, you also face the risk of fines and more. With the right IT support service in place, you can reduce this cost significantly.

Maintain compliance – a business’s legal responsibility is to protect customer and employee data. Implementing firewalls, authentication protocols, and regular backups shows that security is your highest priority.

Improve network speed – backups can help to improve network speed and lower storage expenses. You can also get back to work faster after an efficient data restoration.

Keep you competitive – you no longer risk your competitors overtaking you while you are still trying to retrieve data or rebuild your reputation due to sensitive information being lost or stolen.

Can track and audit – providing greater insight and details to allow you to build employee training, develop proactive processes, and support decision-making.

Maintain trust – your customers need to know that their data is in safe hands and that you take data security seriously.

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IT Support Company

Data is the most valuable asset you have, and the importance of data backup and recovery should not be underestimated.

The key is finding the right solution for you, taking into consideration the types of data you store, the level of security you require, frequency of backup, scalability, cost, ease of use, and more.

As a leading IT services provider, we help provide customised IT solutions designed around your business. An automated solution that ensures minimal effort is required by employees, providing you with efficiency and control, security, full transparency, great recovery time, and data management.

Every business should have a backup and recovery plan in place – what is yours?

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