Endpoint Protection

Safeguard your digital ecosystem. Endpoints refer to the different devices that connect to a network, such as desktops, laptops, tablets, mobiles, and servers.

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What is endpoint protection?

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Endpoint protection refers to the practice of securing endpoints, its primary objective is to identify, prevent and mitigate security breaches, data theft, malware infections and other malicious activities that can compromise the confidentiality and integrity of data as well as disrupt normal business operations. It employs a multi-layered defence approach, using a combination of different technologies such as antivirus, encryption, firewalls, behaviour analysis and intrusion detection.

The Importance of Endpoint Protection:

Securing remote workforces:

In a post pandemic world remote working is here to stay, it is of utmost importance that endpoints security outside of the corporate network are also protected. Endpoint Protection not only protects the devices within the building but also your remote workforce, ensuring they adhere to security policies, best practices and remain protected from cyber threats.

Data Loss Prevention:

The loss or theft of sensitive data can have significant implications for businesses. Endpoint protection employs data loss protection mechanisms, data encryption and access controls to safeguard sensitive data.

Protection against Malware:

Malware attacks are a type of malicious software that is designed to cause harm or damage to an endpoint or entire infrastructure without end-user knowledge. Endpoint protections that malware is identified and eliminated before it causes harm by employing sophisticated scanning algorithms and signature-based detection.

Protection against Ransomware Attacks:

Ransomware is a malware designed to deny access your device and the data stored on it, usually by encrypting files and demanding a ransom payment for the decryption key. Proper endpoint protection can thwart ransomware attempts by preventing data encryption and extortion.

Blocking Phishing Attempts:

Phishing attacks are usually target end-users through deceptive emails and websites. Endpoint Protection prevention users from falling victim to such schemes by using phishing detection mechanisms.

Compliance and Regulatory Requirements:

Endpoint protection service can help assist meeting the requirements to ensure your business is compliant with any regulatory bodies such as ISO27001 or Cyber Essentials by enforcing security controls and data protection.

Detecting Insider Threats:

Endpoint protection can monitor user behaviour and detect any suspicious activity that may indicate insider threats.

Key Features of Endpoint Protection Solutions:

Realtime Treat Detection

Proactive monitoring and real-time treat detection using the most powerful threat intelligence architecture in the world. Trusted by top network and security vendors such as cisco, and Citrix: Webroot.

Patch Management

Patch management is the process of applying updates to software, drivers, and firmware to protect against vulnerabilities. Its goal is to protect your endpoints from hackers, keep your systems running and effectively increase productivity. We use Atera, one of the worlds leading remote monitoring and management systems to automate patch management at a time that is convenient to the client.

Proactive Monitoring

We can set parameters within Atera that monitors your endpoint hardware and alerts us when these parameters are met. For example, memory usage, CPU temperature and hardware status. It also allows us to install operating system patches, remove/install hardware and essentially resolve any issues before they impact your business. Leading to minimal disruption for the end user.

How Sand works:

We would install four applications on your devices, this is to ensure they are being protected, monitored and are compliant with updates and security measures.


Atera is the remote monitoring and management (RMM), platform used by Sand Communications. It allows our IT team to monitor and control our clients’ networks, devices, and systems remotely. Resulting in issues being discovered and resolved proactively, often before the end users are even aware anything is wrong.

This proactive approach massively reduces downtime, reduces the impact of IT problems on the businesses productivity and essentially saves the business time and money.

We also use Atera for our support desk. Our clients either raise tickets through the RMM installed on each machine, email or telephone. We do not use a customer service team here at Sand, which means that the person receiving the ticket will always be the IT technician that will resolve the issue. Our average SLA from a ticket being raised is 45 minutes.

Atera’s ticketing system allows us to streamline the handling of all IT support requests, ensuring that all issues are properly tracked, assigned, and resolved within a timely manner. The system provides transparency between the customer and the IT team, resulting in clear communication and greater customer satisfaction.

Atera’s integrated patch management system ensures that all software and systems are all up to date with the latest security updates and bug fixes which consequently greatly reduces the risk of vulnerabilities and security breaches. Helping our clients safeguard their sensitive data and maintain compliant with regulations.

The platform also allows robust reporting and analytics tools, which enables us to keep our clients informed on their IT infrastructures health and performance. Allowing us to advise on how their IT resources can be optimised for better performance, productivity, and plan for future growth effectively.


Webroot is a leading provider in cloud based cyber security solutions, providing top tier protection against emerging cyberthreats. By harnessing the power of the cloud, Webroot offers real time threat intelligence and lightening fast updates that ensure users are protected against the latest threats without compromising system performance.


AnyDesk is a remote desktop software that allows our engineers to access and fix issues on your devices, securely and in real-time. It is our preferred choice for remote log in software, as it is offers seamless connection with low latency, making it ideal for remote support.


Splashtop is a remote access and support software that allows our engineers to access and control your devices from anywhere. Offering fast and secure connections with high definition streaming enabling seamless remote work, file access and collaboration.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is endpoint protection different from traditional antivirus software?

Traditional antivirus software detects and removes known malware, Endpoint Protection utilises a combination of technologies such as threat analysis, machine learning and behaviour analysis to detect both known and unknown threats. It provides a more comprehensive security solution.

Is it a one-time set up, or does it require ongoing management?

It is an ongoing process that requires regular maintenance, monitoring, and updates. However, our IT support team will handle these tasks, ensuring that your devices stay protected and up to date.

How does endpoint protection prevent data breaches?

By proactively identifying and blocking threats at endpoint level, endpoint protection helps to ensure that sensitive data remains secure and protected against unauthorised access.

What does endpoint protection protect against?

It guards your devices against viruses, phishing attempts, zero-day attacks, spyware, ransomware, malware and other sophisticated cyber threats.

Does it impact device performance?

Modern endpoint protection solutions are designed to have minimal impact on device performance and user experience.

What happens if a device is lost or stollen?

In the event of a lost or stollen device, endpoint protection can provide additional security measures. The software we use allows us to remotely wipe sensitive data from that device, meaning that your information remains secure and out of reach from unauthorised individuals.

If you have any other questions or concerns about endpoint protection or our outsourced IT support services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We are here to help safeguard your business from cyber threats and ensure a secure and productive IT environment.