PLouise Makeup Academy

PLouise is one of the UK’s fastest growing beauty businesses, her products are a favourite of makeup influencers across the globe. From humble beginnings to building successful cosmetic range and a makeup academy, Paige acknowledges that the only way to achieve her impressive goals was through the “help of others”. And we are so proud to be helping Paige continue her success by helping her and the PLouise Brand with their telecoms and IT business strategy.  

The Challenge

After rapid growth, the PLouise Makeup Academy was facing a range of challenges that were impacting their day-to-day operations, including:  

Frustrating Connectivity Issues

Plouse initially had an outdated ADSL broadband connection, with its slow internet speeds creating obstacles for their increasing ecommerce sales and causing issues with their communication with suppliers, potentially damaging professional relationships.  

Customer Service Struggles

With just a single PSTN line, the customer service team at PLouise Makeup Academy were finding it hard to keep up with customer inquiries, leading to delays and some unhappy customers.  

Collaboration and Security Concerns

Files were stored locally on each device, which caused challenges in terms of collaboration, version control, security, and accessibility. It was difficult for them to maintain consistent file versions, share documents across teams, ensure their data was secure and protected and limited access to important files.

Complex Domain Management

They had 4 different email domain providers, which complicated business operations when issues arose. They had multiple points of contact this meant it was challenging for them to get issues resolved in a timely manner, resulting in downtime and loss of productivity.

Lacking Cybersecurity Protection

PLouise’s lack of cybersecurity plan was leaving them exposes to potential data breaches and cyberthreats.

The Solution

PLouise Make Up Academy partnered with Sand Communications to find practical solutions tailored to their needs:

Superior Connectivity

We upgraded them to a high-speed Full-Fibre-to-the-Premise (FTTP) network and implemented a managed Wi-Fi solution, ensuring a strong and consistent connection throughout the entire building. This technology overhaul boosted productivity, enabled seamless online operations, and improved connectivity for both staff and visitors.

Upgraded Communications Infrastructure

we transformed their communications capabilities by replacing their single PSTN line with a fully hosted system. This included the integration of advanced contact centre software, allowing the seamless management of voice and digital communication channels. Agents are now fully equipped with the tools they need to deliver exceptional customer service.

Improved Data Reporting

one of the standout features of Sand’s solution was giving PLousie the ability to monitor and measure their communication performance by running detailed reports on voice traffic and unread email statistics. This has empowered them to make more informed decisions, identify trends and ensure no customer inquiry got missed, ultimately optimising their operations.

File Management

We migrated all of PLouise’s files to SharePoint. By doing this we streamlined their file storage, secured their sensitive company data, enabled efficient and smooth cross team collaboration and controlled access to confidential data.

Simplified Domain Management

We moved them over to Microsoft 365 for their emailing, reducing the logistical headache of having multiple providers. Set each department and individual up with their own account, reducing the risk of missed emails and simplifying their email management.

Built a Cybersecurity Strategywe worked with PLouise to implement a comprehensive cyber security strategy, complete with device management, data backups and top-tier virus protection. Ensuring compliance with industry standards and data protection laws.


The tailored solutions provided by Sand Communications empowered the PLouise Make Up Academy to overcome their communication, connectivity, and IT challenges. They saw an improvement in business operations, collaboration, customer service and cybersecurity, which in turn, lead to increased productivity, happier customers, and the peace of mind that their data is well protected.