Norwood are a leading manufacturer of steel and glass partitions, doors, ceilings, and associated accessories. They have built a solid standing in the field of manufacturing architectural envelopes for high-spec cleanrooms, laboratories, and diverse modular and adaptable spaces. Their main focus is in the pharmaceutical, life sciences, advanced manufacturing, education, and semiconductor services.

The Challenge

Network Downtime

The primary challenge stemmed from frequent network dropouts, leading to operational disruptions. Given that their business heavily relies on the network, these issues resulted in halts to the production line and the flow of materials. The recurring downtime was attributed to the instability of their FTTC connection.

Fractured Relationship

Unfortunately, the relationship with their previous provider for both telecoms and IT support had completely broken down. This was due to inadequate communication, lack of transparency and subpar service.


Outdated Kit

Their on-premise server, which was outdated, resulted in staff encountering difficulties accessing live files, which hindered collaboration and disrupted workflow.

Inadequate VoIP Solution

Their outdate hosted system proved unfit for purpose, lacking essential features, and failing to align with the specific needs of the business.

The Solution

Norwood partnered with Sand Communications on the back of a recommendation from an existing client. We helped them find a solution tailored to their needs:

Revitalizing Network Stability

To address the recurrent operational disruptions caused by frequent network dropouts, we proposed a robust solution. Implementing an exclusive fibre connection replaced their unstable FTTC, ensuring a reliable and uninterrupted network. This strategic upgrade not only mitigated production halts and material flow interruptions but also improved overall network stability, creating a more resilient and efficient operational environment.

Modernising Infrastructure

In response to the challenges posed by the outdated on-premise server, we proposed a comprehensive solution. By initiating the migration to SharePoint, we addressed the difficulties faced by staff in accessing live files. This strategic move not only alleviated hindrances to collaboration but also facilitated a streamlined workflow. The transition to SharePoint introduced a modern and efficient platform, ensuring improved accessibility and enhancing overall work efficiency.

Rebuilding Trust and Fostering Growth

Recognizing the fractured relationship with the previous provider for both telecoms and IT support, we implemented a proactive approach to mend communication gaps. Our solution involved a transparent roadmap, ensuring a collaborative effort to address concerns and elevate service quality. By fostering clear communication channels, transparency, and a commitment to excellence, we not only repaired the broken relationship but also paved the way for sustained growth and success.

Transformed Communications

Recognising the inadequacies of their outdated hosted VoIP system, we proposed a solution aimed at transforming their communication landscape. By upgrading their system to a Tier 1 network, we ensured not only the reliability and stability of their communication but also incorporated the essential features tailored to meet the specific needs of the business. This was particularly beneficial to those working from home, allowing them to use the mobile app to call out from a number that represented the company.


The comprehensive solutions delivered by Sand Communications enabled Norwood to conquer network downtime, outdated infrastructure, and communication issues, resulting in heightened operational efficiency, streamlined workflow, repaired relationships, and a transformed communication landscape, ultimately leading to increased resilience, satisfaction, and sustained growth.