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Sand Communications is here to support you in meeting that challenge with our range of IT services that take care of your business.

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Running the IT system that supports you and your business is a never-ending challenge. IT technology develops, regulation gets updated and scammers become more sophisticated. 

Strategy & Planning

Business Phone Systems

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Managed IT

Our own commercial experience helps give us a clear understanding of your business priorities. We think managing your own IT systems might not be one of them so we can do that for you.

We design a seamless IT operation for you with no patchwork of add-ons and work arounds that supports and protects your system for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


IT security is paramount and Sand Communications can help you set up effective firewalls on your network.

Firewalls check and control incoming and outgoing network traffic and are part of the vital shield that protects your business from cyber threats.

They work to a set of parameters that allow only trusted traffic to enter or leave your IT systems.

We can help you protect your business.

Microsoft 365

We know you keep an eye on your IT investment expenditure.

We can help you manage spending if you choose Sand Communications to be your Microsoft 365 Office licence provider.

The product comes with all the essential applications that make the day-to-day running of your business as smooth as possible, including Outlook, Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

With these applications you can send and receive emails, make forecasts, store data and when it comes to crucial business meetings, your presentations will feel the benefit.

Storage and Backup

Sand Communications knows how important it is to be able to store files and documents as part of day-to-day business activity.

We can provide you with that storage through our cloud-based system which allows you to retrieve vital information any time you need it.

And for when the unthinkable happens, we help your disaster-proof your business and use the cloud to host your recovery plan and back up data.

IT Security

The need for cyber security is essential as the threat to your business from cyber criminals becomes ever more intense.

We make it our business to protect your business and we can advise and implement cyber security features to keep your data safe.

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