Call Charges & Line Rental

For many organisations, the network services they employ, is a combination of services that have been acquired over a period of time as a business has grown and often from a number of different providers. With constantly changing call tariffs and reducing mobile inter-connect rates, this means that they are probably paying more for your phone calls than they need to. Whether you are considering a move towards a more flexible, converged infrastructure by deploying IP voice or simply looking to reduce your expenditure on your analogue or ISDN lines, we can help you optimise your network service performance and reduce costs. As a Wholesale Line Rental provider we can transfer, newly connect and reconfigure telephone lines and liaise with network providers directly to provide, repair and maintain these lines. This means that you benefit from the nationwide infrastructure but with personalised UK-based service and support.

SIP Trunking is the UK’s fastest growing telephony service – it’s a reliable,
cost-effective voice service that is cheaper and more flexible than ISDN. Sand Communications SIP packages include free call bundles to UK landlines and mobiles.

Business benefits of switching to SIP Trunking:

Keep the same geographic number when moving offices with no call forwarding costs.
Add lines, take them away, split calls, make changes easily – you’re in control.
Your business can keep on working if you have to relocate temporarily in an emergency.
Cut back on the number of lines your business needs and reduce the number of PBXs you need to maintain whilst still keeping full control of your numbers.
Save money – cheaper connectivity than ISDN, up to 25% cheaper calls, free internal calls and up to 50% lower line rental costs.
Great call quality and business-grade resilience.
If customer service is important to you, why not have a local presence across the UK and the ability to deliver multiple UK numbers into a single service centre.

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